About Us

Nukareer Education Consultancy & Placement Firm was established in 2006 to give unlimited study opportunities to students to peruse higher education outside and within the country. The firm makes an endeavor to help students make the right education decision because the  firm has a team of committed education advisor /counselors who understand the need of the students and their parents.

The firm is student oriented and firmly believes in student’s pursuing their educational options that provide the fullest possible information on various courses to be pursued. The firm firmly believes that, students choose the appropriate academic pathway and assist the students by giving comprehensive information about the  various study opportunities in different  colleges that they have sought admission in.

Quick facts:

  • Established in: January 2006
  • Trading Name: Nukareer Education Consultancy & Placement Firm
  • Previous trading Name: L S Consultancy (2006-2010)
  • Founder & Proprietress: Meena Khatri. BA (Eng) PG in Journalism. Served as teacher for Royal Government of Bhutan.
  • CEO/Counselor: Rajib Kumar Chowdhury. B.Sc. B.Ed Served as teacher for Royal Government of Bhutan.
  • Status of Business: Single proprietorship Firm
  • Located:  Thimphu, Bhutan
  • Accredited by the Department of Adult & Higher Education in Bhutan.
  • Affiliated with the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources


  • Counseling prospective students who graduated with Higher       
  • Secondary and undergraduate courses for further studies options in India , Australia and USA.
  • Promotion of institutions in media, exhibition and newspaper.
  • Visiting and contacting students in schools and colleges

Our Services
Arranging and assisting admission

Nukareer Education Consultancy & Placement Firm gives special care in student support, assisting them through the admission procedure and continues our support all throughout their tenure overseas.

Application Processing

Fast track application processing is ensured through expert network engineers and experienced personnel yielding savings in time and money.

Visa guidance

The parents and students are given clear cut idea & advice about the documentation required for the student visa, lodging the visa and co-coordinating the same. Preparation of visa applications & submission to the Embassy/ High Commission is done with utmost care.

Travel Assistance

Booking flight tickets well in advance, keeping abreast the discounts that can be availed, makes it easier for students to fly to their destinations at low cost. A pre-departure briefing is also provided to psychologically tune the students for their future Endeavour.

Career Guidance and Course Selection

We provide professional guidance to students and parents alike to select the right courses that perfectly fit the individual’s possible career goals and in-depth information on course and universities available.

Follow-up for Securing Admission

On uploading the applications our plenary counsellors see that the candidates procure admissions within no time and intimate the students on various stages in admission.

Bank Loan Assistance

With more than a decade of expertise, students are made aware of the proceedings & given assistance in availing bank loans.